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AltCoinClub stands for full Mining transparency. With us, you always get exactly the achievement you have chosen.

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CPU/GPU Mining Packages

You have the choice between different Altcoins which are offered in different packages. Choose GPU or CPU Mining with AltCoinClub and receive 100 percent of achievement for your acquired package.

X11 Mining Packages

X11 Mining connects CPU and GPU and allows a combination of both components, which provides additional performance during Mining. At AltCoinClub, we also offer a 100% hashpower for your purchased package.

Our Topseller
Our Topseller

SHA 256 Mining Packages

Start NOW with one of 100 Bitcoin Cloud Mining packages. Profit from the market leader, which still has the highest stability of all digital currencies and can now be used as a means of payment through worldwide acceptance points.


GPU hire | 12 months Mining | no additional costs

Get your own graphic cards and let them mine at AltCoinClub. And everything at invincible low prices.


GPU Rent and Buy

Select your graphics card package, choose you desired Altcoin in addition and leave this for 12 months with AltCoinClub to mine.

Boost your GPU

“We connect cloud mining and hardware sales”

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GPU Mining

After contract expiry the card goes over in your possession. Or you leave your GPU furthermore for an unbeatable favorable price with us to mine.


get partners | passive income | 3-steps system

Become an AltCoinClub Affiliate partner now and get your passive income.




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Kryptotalks | Trainings | Seminars

What sets us apart from other Cloud Mining platforms.

  • AltCoinClub only works with freely tradable and transparent coins
  • Purchase of graphic cards for the Mining of old Crypto coins
  • regular training sessions and cryptotalks via TubeChannels on topics such as cloud mining, crypto currencies, etc.
  • selectived selection of the coins to be generated by accurate market analyzes
  • future – oriented platform through innovative three – line – system
  • Affiliate program to generate passive income through customer acquisition


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