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Crypto Volatility Software

Crypto coin trading has become a popular alternative to traditional trading and and offers a lot of potential for investors and Miner. In addition to Bitcoin Altcoins are perfect for trading, as they are still very mobile traded and thus offer high price gains. AltCoinClub recommends an investment alternative with approx. 10% Profit per month. Simply fill out the contact form and request a non-binding recommendation.

What does Coin Trading mean?

Over the last few years, some investors have successfully launched Bitcoin companies, such as exchanges, where people can buy or exchange various cryptocurrencies. Coins such as Ethereum or DASH have even triggered a veritable hype on the cryptocurrency exchanges, as they have different prices for buying and selling in contrast to forex trading. With a Crypto Volatility software shifts within seconds can be made, for example the selling Coins can be sold on another platform they bet for the highest price.

Coin Trading

These coins are traded

The trading software buys only shares listed Coins on the stock exchanges with Bitcoin (BTC), uses the high volatilities, exchanges them back into Bitcoin and then lets the BTCs sell on the official platforms offering the highest value in the Fiat currencies USD and EUR.

The following cryptocurrencies result in a market capitalization of at least $ 400 million, which is mainly traded through the software: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, DASH, Monero, Veritaseum and IOTA.

What does include in a Coin Trading investment?

  • about 10% profit per month
  • entry is possible from 1000 EUR / USD or equivalent in BTC
  • the involvement is 12 months and can be extended on request
  • the earned income will be paid out to your account monthly
  • the income can be paid out in Euros, US Dollars or in Bitcoin (the ACC recommends to create a wallet at 2Pay4You)
  • written report always at the end of the month
  • complete ROI (Return of Invest) after 12 months
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