Advantages of AltCoinClub

transparency – simple – authentically

We offer our customers and investors many advantages over comparable providers. There is no require of knowledge about digital currencies, AltCoinClub has the opportunity to enter into one of the most promising markets. We offer expert training courses and seminars on the subject of crypto currencies. As a result, every customer and partner has the opportunity, if he so wishes, to develop further in this field. Whether as an amateur or an expert, through an innovative affiliate program, specially tailored for the mining field, AltCoinClub offers a unique platform on the crypto market. Since we only work with real Altcoins, our customers are advised on request for each Coin, as well as for their selected product professionally.


Advantages across other mining plattforms

  •     high flexibility in our products (for example change monthly your Altcoin)
  •     Choose from our recommended Altcoins your personal favorite
  •     We work only with freely tradeable and transparent Coins
  •     Change your chosen coin monthly for a small fee
  •     For hardware or Mining Rigs, there is a 14-day return guarantee (the purchased coins will be paid out as of the 15th following day!)
  •     full transparency towards our customers and members
  •     Use our knowledge and our competence for your success
  •     schooling and webinars all around the subject of Crypto currencies
  •     passive income through our professional partner programm
  •     Use our community to feature and exchange information with other members

Payment options


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